Government of Canada

Qualified supplier with standing offers and supply arrangements to provide temporary help and professionnal services, C.L.A. Personnel has been providing service to the Government of Canada for the past 30 years in the Gatineau-Ottawa area.

  • Temporary Help Serivces (THS)

Standing Offer #EN60ZN-110002/005/ZN

Supply Arrangement #EN578-060502/125/ZT


  • Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS)

Standing Offer #E60ZT-15TSSO/007ZN

Supply Arrangement #E60ZN-15TSPS/008/ZN


  • ProServices

Supply Arrangement CLA Personnel #E60ZT-152199/048/ZT


C.L.A. Personnel is also qualified to provide temporary help services to other Government corporations:

  • House of Commons
  • Canadian History and War Museums

Our expertise

  • Finance and administration
  • Procurement and material Management
  • Human Ressources (Staffing, Classification, Labor Relations, Change Management)
  • Acces to Information and Privacy (ATIP)
  • Communications

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