Posted on 2019/09/03 at 10:34 am

First of all, take the time to reflect on why a recruiter would ask you to describe your “ideal boss” during a job interview.
One thing is certain: the recruiter doesn’t want you to repeat the tired clichés that they hear so often from candidates and that don’t help them get to know you any better.

Posted on 2019/08/19 at 8:50 am

As a recruiter, you will participate in a high number of interviews every year. You will see many candidates and you will have expectations of those candidates, which is fair – but don’t forget that they have expectations of you as well!

Posted on 2019/07/22 at 8:58 am

It can be an awkward moment when a recruiter asks you about your salary expectations during a job interview. As a job seeker, you don’t want to ask for too much,

Posted on 2019/06/10 at 11:43 am

Tips and Advice for Dealing with Rejection When You’re Job Hunting

No one likes to be rejected for a job. Whether you had your heart set on getting hired, or weren’t even sure you wanted the gig,

Posted on 2019/05/27 at 9:01 am

What shouldn’t you do when interviewing? Here are the most common job interview mistakes, blunders, and errors a candidate for employment can make.
Unfortunately, it’s easy to make these mistakes without even realizing it— and many of them are more common than you might think.

Posted on 2019/05/13 at 9:06 am

Why You Didn’t Get Invited for the Second Round

Job searching is full of frustrations, but perhaps none is more annoying than consistently getting stuck at the same point in the ,

Posted on 2019/04/29 at 8:50 am

An interviewer’s first  is often a lasting one, so the way you present yourself during an interview is important, and while some outfit no-nos are clear (always, always stay away from denim),

Posted on 2019/04/16 at 8:48 am

Job searching can be stressful, even for the most confident person. It can be more challenging if you’re anxious and worried about the hiring process, as well as about when you will be hired for a new position.

Posted on 2019/04/02 at 9:44 am

It can be an awkward moment when a recruiter asks you about your salary expectations during a job interview.
As a job seeker, you don’t want to ask for too much,

Posted on 2019/03/19 at 8:53 am

Finding a job isn’t always easy, especially if you’re using antiquated methods to track down employment opportunities. Rest assured, however, that it is possible to get a job that aligns with your aspirations and your experience – you just need to make sure you’re looking in the right places!

Posted on 2019/03/05 at 8:58 am

Job seeking will continue to evolve with the advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. These technologies are changing the way recruiters search for talent and conduct interviews. According to ,

Posted on 2019/02/21 at 2:13 pm

They say “The clothes don’t make the man”, but does that also apply when you’re preparing for a job interview?
At the time of writing this article, several minor controversies were erupting in the media in regards to the way some public figures are dressing.

Posted on 2019/02/05 at 9:06 am

On the legal front employees will be getting some good tidings – and a few kicks in the grapes. 
Excellent news to start the year: some juicy employment law changes are planned.

Posted on 2019/01/22 at 9:07 am

When it comes to CVs that focus on an individual’s skills rather than a chronological list of their work experience, some people are categorical: Recruiters don’t like skills-focused CVs – they should be avoided at all costs.

Posted on 2019/01/07 at 8:41 am

If you make them just to break ‘em, give it a rest.
New Year’s fresh face is peeking around the corner. Time for our fave annual self-delusion: making resolutions there’s no hope in hell of keeping.