Permanent and Executive

Fast, efficient and guaranteed, permanent placement services are in great demand. CLA Personnel’s selection process combined with our professional expertise delivers top results! Whether you are looking to hire administrative support personnel, middle level managers or professionals from various business areas, C.L.A. Personnel hunts, recruits and selects the best candidates available on the market

Selection Process:

Requirements analysis

First off, CLA Personnel conducts an assessment of the corporate culture and work environment. We provide, if necessary, assistance in the preparation of job description and comparative analysis of pay scales according to the market and the region.

Research and strategic recruitment

Using the tools we have developed and CLA Personnel’s research and recruitment methods, we are seeking the best candidates available on the market. We then proceed to the analysis and selection of qualified potential candidates.

Evaluation of applicants

To ensure that the common interests of both parties are compatible we conduct an initial telephone assessment. Depending on the job description, requirements and technical specifications of the position, our recruiters validate the details that make all the difference. The selected candidates are then convened for an interview with our recruiters.


When needed, the pre-selected candidates must successfully complete a series of exams to evaluate their management, accounting or any other competencies and required skills. CLA Personnel has access to hundreds of evaluations via the IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments platform and EPSI’s COMPMETRICA.

Presentation of candidates

We present the results of our research and introduce you to profiles of selected candidates.

Client Interviews

We manage appointments according to your availability. CLA Personnel may also prepare, revise or create interview questions, and / or assist or participate to interviews. Our interview rooms are available for you.

Reference verification

The reference verification is a crucial step in the hiring process. A detailed report of the audit will be handed to you and will include contact details of the solicited candidates.

Job offer

With your cooperation, we will present the best offer possible. We are able to support you in every step of the process in terms of writing, legalities or wage and benefits negotiations.


Our placement fees vary depending on the complexity of the position and the duration of the warranty period desired. In general, the industry rule of ninety days (90) prevail, however, CLA Personnel offers the flexibility to choose the format that suits you best.

Guaranteed Results

Placement is guaranteed for the period determined above, in the event that the employee left the job or do not meet the job requirements. In the event that none of the job requirements have been modified, we will replace the employee free of charges.